C &M Collins Calibration Service, Inc.
C&M Collins Calibration Service, Inc. has a large variety of calibration equipment to cover all of your calibration needs.

For E4 force calibrations we have seven Morehouse and Strainsense load cells that readout on Admet gauge buster digital readout boxes. These load cells vary in capacity from 250 to 500,000 lbf.  The load cells have all been calibrated to ASTM E74
standards by Morehouse Instrument Company.

For smaller load capacity's we have a Troemner dead weight set covering a range of 0.1 to 50 lbf and a Troemner gram weight set covering a range of 1 to 2000 grams.  Both weight sets have been calibrated by Troemner to a class F
accuracy rating.

Overall, C&M can cover a load range of 1 gram to 500,000 lbf in compression and 1 gram to 300,000 lbf in tension.

For extensometers and clip gages C&M has two comparators with Brown & Sharp micrometer heads that cover a range of
0.001 to 2.000" These comparators have been calibrated to ASTM E83 standards by Micro Laboratories, Inc.

For doing position displacement and crosshead speed verification, C&M has a calibrated magnetic dial indicator and a calibrated stop watch. C&M also has proper gauges for doing ASTM E23 impact tester verifications.