C &M Collins Calibration Service, Inc.
C&M Collins Calibration Service, Inc. calibrates and verifies a large variety of mechanical testing equipment. We also do repairs and supply parts for many of the types of equipment that we calibrate.

Equipment that we calibrate and provide maintenance on includes the following:

Tensile machines and compression testers, tension and compression load cells, extensometers and clip gages, stress and creep rupture machines, brinell hardnes testers and charpy impact testers. C&M also does position displacement and
crosshead speed verifications.

Below is a partial list of the testing equipment manufactures that we regularly calibrate.

Admet                               Chatillon                              Honeywell                        Lebow                           Sensotec                     Tinius Olsen
Alpha                                 Detroit                                  Forney                                MTS                                Shimadzu                    United
Arcweld                            Dillon                                     Instron                               Riehle                            Sonntag                       Wiedemann
ATS                                     Epsilon                                  Interface                           Satec                              Southwark                 Wilson   
Baldwin                            Futek                                     King Portable                  Scott                              Steel City                     Zwick/Roell